Well, that was 2016

So there it is: that was a year.

Not many years make such an impact that their names go from being nouns to adjectives, but this is 2016, and I think we can all agree just how 2016 it’s all been.

But in amongst the bad, sad and weird things that this year will probably be remembered for, we’ve had some good times too. These are our highlights.


We’ve been lucky enough to help name a whole bunch of stuff this year, from Atomic ski technology to craft beer, EE tariff plans to museum exhibitions. We even named a cartoon character for Nickelodeon (more on that coming soon).


We helped lots of brands find their voices this year. We worked with Fitch to help a new jewellery label connect with millennials in Dubai, and helped Nando’s tell the story of its Peri-Peri chicken. We talked to a new generation of knitters with Love Knitting, and we helped EE maintain a purposeful but playful tone as they underwent the biggest change in their history, becoming part of the BT Group.


This year our words have been encouraging more people to play basketball with True North, and helping Pretty Green get more people playing tennis. We teamed up with the EE design studio to launch Apple Music on EE all over the underground, and helped Pretty Green with a poster campaign for cereal bars.


From celebrating a major anniversary for Atomic, to showing EE customers how to use their Pay As You Go packs, it’s been a big year for Writing Club scriptwriting. We’ve also written our first ever virtual reality films, with Nice and Serious. The films transport the audience to Africa and Spain, where we tell them all about sustainable farming for chocolate ingredients.


We found time to have a wobble about in the water too. The inaugural Writing Club Surf Club surf trip back in August saw some truly spectacular wetsuit-wearing action, and no fatalities. A great success.

So here’s to the 2016est year that we’ve ever had. And, we hope, the 2016est year the world will ever have. Next year is already set to be a busy one here at the Writing Club. We hope it’s a happy one for you, too.